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I found the original version of the stand up video which does not have a watermark, is cropped nicely and has a better resolution. If anyone wants me to I will even remake the stripper GIFS so that you can enjoy them in even more graphic detail.

(Don’t act like you don’t love them. I see those views on Flickr. This one is the most popular so far, followed closely by this one. He really should imitate strippers more often.)

More information on this: According to this description and this really old TV listing this clip was part of The Stand Up Show which aired on BBC 1 on 25 April 2002.

Now I’ve seen Richard Ayoade mime sucking cocks and being a stripper. What a world we live in. 

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Don’t touch me

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Not that I read too much into things but…  I love this moment in the clip when Julian puts his hand on Noel’s back and Noel seems a little unsure of how to move so he’s out of Julian’s way.  It just makes me think of being young and having a crush on a guy and holding his hand even after it was all sweaty because I didn’t want to be the one to pull away or getting a crick in my neck while he had his arm around me because I was worried that if I moved, he’d take his arm away.  I always have the feeling Noel would dislocated his shoulder rather than let Julian know there’s no place for him to put his arm.

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And another -(very early) interview with Noel and Julian

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why is everything so small ugh

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